The company

The Wedding Dresses company "Fabiola" and Baptismal "Pupo Mio" has been developed in 1960 in this field since 1997.


The main features of the company is excellent professionalism that uses to achieve a wedding ceremony or baptism , but also the wide range of products creates itself by adopting the personal style of each client.


 With high aesthetic designers and suitable equipment, our company has the ability of wholesale and retail.



The wholesale focusses on small industries and refers to baptismal items for girls and boys, and especially to wedding dresses that stand out for their excellent design and elegant style.


High quality fabrics are selected with particular care so that in combination with the meticulous stitching, to give an excellent and unique result impressing even the most demanding customer.


Our company has the ability to directly deliver its products throughout Greece, when required.


For our personal customers, the company offers a warm and hospitable studio that is decorated by beautiful shades of colors and hosts a unique collection of elegant wedding dresses through which the customer can choose to buy or rent. Our specialist designers can modify any dresses in order to respond in customer's personal style giving a spectacular result.


 Also in this studio anyone can take a look at a wide variety of christening clothes that stand out for  their special design and their uniqueness.


As a final touch on the canvas of  baptism or of wedding ceremony are also the various accessories provided by Wedding Dresses company "Fabiola" and Baptismal "Pupo Mio" which completes the elegant result that satisfies even the most demanding customer.


We treat every client like one of our own people. So, we are every hour and moment at his disposal with patience and perseverance in order to create together the wedding dresse that every bride imagines thus contributing with our own way in a bright start of life.

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